Monday, May 25, 2015

You Are Here Mug(Rug) Swap

This swap has three stages. Why? Because I know sometimes it's hard to get these mugs - many people don't live near a city that has one available and I want everyone to have some time to get them and make their mug rugs.

By signing up you are committing to swap at least one mug(rug) set - These can be from the same city.

This swap is open to international participants but you must be able to get a mug to swap. Amsterdam and Canada are the only places I know to have mugs.

Phase 1: Collecting mugs and Sewing
During the summer travel months from Memorial Day to Labor Day collect Starbucks "You Are Here" Mugs (These are the colorful hot beverage mugs). Then make a mugrug inspired by each of the mugs you wish to swap.

You may swap more than one mug(rug) set if you'd like - you must be willing to mail them to different people.

Please post one travel photo with the mug(s) you have collected by September 8th (the day after Labor Day).

You will have one week (by 9/14) to update me on what mugs you are swapping and if there is any change in your list of mugs you have.

Phase 2: Partner matching and Sewing (if you didn't sew during those busy summer months or you want to make something more personal once you know your partner)
My goal will be to get everyone their partner by 9/21 - I am waiting to assign partners so that I know what you have to swap and hopefully I can get you a partner with a mug you and they will love!

Phase 3: Shipping and Receiving
Please mail your items between October 25-31st so that we can all start the month of Thanksgiving with something to be thankful for.
Feel free to include extras but you are only required to include one mug and mugrug.

Mugrug details:
Size: 4"x6" - 6"x10"
It should have a front, batting, and back and be quilted and bound.

Gnome Angel has put together a great list of mugrug examples for a previous swap. Please check these out if you have questions on how to make a mugrug.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Canada150 Quilt Pattern

One of the ladies I follow on Instagram had a great idea the other day to turn the new Canada 150 year logo into a paper piecing pattern. You can see and read about the logo here I jumped in and gave it a shot. I think I did pretty well. I've been working on putting one together and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. This is the first pattern I've done like this so please let me know if something isn't right or doesn't make sense. I'm happy to put out an updated version. You can download the pattern for free here. Please let me know your progress and let me see your finished product by using the hashtag #Canada150quiltblock