Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some goals...

So I figured I better set a few goals for this blog to hopefully get it rolling...

1. To post once a week. It may seem like that would be easy but my husband and I have another blog totally focused on our sailing and sometimes it doesn't get posted to as frequently as it should. I'd like to post more than this but I want to make my goals easily attainable so that they can grow and I don't get discouraged. Plus my little man is due in one week so he'll be taking up a lot of time and will obviously be my priority.

2. To have a quilt completed every other month. When I'm inspired I do them faster than this but I'd like to have some time to work on other things as well - like creating patterns out of the good one's.

3. To come up with a quilt along. I love some of the one's I've seen and would love to have people working on something I've created with me.

4. To use my travels as inspiration. I mean that is the whole point of this blog. I'll be home in the states for a few more months with the little man but in the meantime I'd like to take a look at some of my old photos and see where I might be able to take them. And in the future be looking for inspiration in the places I'm at. I may also try to give you travelers a few good quilt shops to hit in New Zealand. That was the last major country I was in and found a few really good one's.

5. To inspire anyone reading this blog. I'd love to see/hear what you are working on or would like to see from this blog or quilting in general. I know it'll take awhile for this blog to get rolling, especially because I haven't put up a single quilt or picture, but when it does please comment. I do get a little giddy when people lease comments on my other blog.

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