Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Austin Quilt Shop Review

After Quiltcon I didn't get a chance to do much fabric shopping. The RV was parked only about 25 miles outside downtown Austin but a 45 minute drive. Being that my husband had the kids for five days I couldn't really say "hey, I think I'm gonna go do some more quilt shopping." That being said there was one shop right around the corner from the RV park and I was able to hop over there (kids and all).

Can I just say that I LOVED The Cotton Cupboard. While it really isn't in Austin, if you are up for a drive this store is well worth it!

I love any store that has a play area set up for kids. This makes shopping so much nicer! I know this only applies to those who have kids but it is great for me.

The store has lots of space which I love. I HATE being in a crowded shop where I can't really pull stuff out and have people always bumping into me!

Selection was great. This is seriously one of those stores you walk into and want to buy EVERYTHING. I mean come on how pretty is that wall!

And when you are done cutting up and putting all that pretty stuff back together you can get your quilt quilted here as well.

I definitely recommend making a trip out to this store. I wish I could tell you there is other stuff to do in the area but I really don't know. The staff where friendly and I enjoyed my time shopping.

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