Saturday, March 14, 2015

Big Bend and a Quilt Shop

After Austin we headed toward Big Bend which is where internet pretty much didn't exist for us and therefore I couldn't do any posting. We had to sit out a day in Terlingua, Texas before our spot in the park opened up. You know your husband loves you when he goes on a scouting mission and comes back to tell you he saw a sign for a quilt shop.

I of course had to check it out. It was not what I expected. I wasn't expecting a modern shop at all but I did think it would be fabric store. Turns out the nice lady that owns the shop has about 22 people she sells things for. 10 of them are quilters.

The store had piles and piles of quilts for sale. So if you are looking for something this may just be the place to go.

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