Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brighton Beach

During our travels over the last few weeks we stopped by Brighton Beach in Melbourne and as I was looking at my photos I couldn't help to think that these little beach huts could really turn into a cool quilt. How could you not love all the colors and originality of them.  I guess I'll have to start sketching out some ideas. Just for kicks I thought that I'd throw in a little fun fact about these. The last one to sell went for $171,000 AUD and have been known to go for over $200,000 AUD. Crazy huh!


  1. Wow! That's expensive! I wonder what they look like inside? Do they have little kitchens and such?

    1. I believe they have no power or water and are for storage and shade at the beach. They have become so famous they are now a status symbol. In fact when I was there one of the boxes had a four man crew working on it.

  2. Hi! Found you via Sewing Summit! I find it fascinating that you live on a sailboat, quilt on a sailboat and have a baby on the boat too! Looking forward to following your blog!