Monday, April 30, 2012

Some things just make me smile....

and this is definitely one of those things!

Before coming back to the boat I made a big decision to buy half yard cuts of every Kona color that the Old Country Store had to offer since they have really good prices (they were $5.67/yd but I think they've gone up a little). In total I got 113 different colors. It was a hard decision because I spent about $300.00 but in the end I'm so glad that I did. I cry and complain about the cost of fabric in the US all the time and lately they just seems to keep rising but then I shop overseas and realize that we really do have it good. Here in Australia (and last year in NZ) fabrics are over $20/yd - usually between $22-25/meter. Can you believe it. I understand why so many people here order online from the US and pay the international shipping charges - it's still cheaper. Because of this I decided that I want to have a decent stash on the boat (I'm not really sure my husband is so keen on the idea but he says as long as I use it I can have it.) I decided that solids where the way to go because I can still have my fun shopping overseas and I can purchase small cuts of stuff I love and fill my quilts in with solids. I hope it all works out. I think I'll also be purchasing online so that I have stuff waiting for me at home to bring back on my next trip. I try to support local quilt shops when I can but I also have to watch the pocketbook and $22/m just doesn't calculate. So I'm glad I found the Old Country Store because I can shop online, get good prices, and still support a local shop.

Now I'm off to start cutting into that pile of goodness...

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  1. Whoa! That is an awesome stack right there. I am jealous indeed!