Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012

We have returned to the boat, well sort of, we stopped by it and are traveling around Australia right now. I'm constantly looking for quilt inspiration and I think I have a few ideas??? Anyhow, a few weeks before we left I talked to my husband about the possibility of returning to the States for the Sewing Summit again this year. I had such a great time last year that I just couldn't stand the idea of missing it. Surprisingly enough he said that if I really wanted to, and I had considered what other things I might prefer to do, I can return to the states if everything is in line....God I hope the timing works out and we don't have some big crossing we need to do or are to far from an airport.

In the meantime I got my ticket and am gearing up to go. I actually stayed up until 1:00am Australian time to do mine and my mom's registration and even got the FIRST50 discount for both. I was amazed to read today that within 1 minuted of registration opening 100 people had registered and the conference was sold out within 10 hours...WOW. But seriously it was that much fun last year. I'm so glad I didn't hesitate and wait until I know more about where we'll be in October because it would definitely be too late by then and with demand like this I'm sure someone out there will be happy to take my ticket if I get caught up with the boat. For now I'll be checking out all the blogs of everyone going and getting more excited every day!


  1. YAY! I know it filled up fast! I was able to get the First50 also :)

  2. I just popped over from the sewing summit google groups. It was insane how fast it filled up. I was able to secure a first 50 ticket also. I'm going to check out the rest of your blog and follow you. I hope your having a fantastic day!
    January T

  3. So glad you are going to make it again. I remember meeting you last year.